Colorado Scamsters Borrowed Homeless Adults’ Identities To Buy iPhones

Hey, phone subsidies when you sign a new contract are great! If you don’t mind committing to a higher rate plan and don’t want to shell out for an unlocked phone, they’re a good way to get a nice handset. Do you know when they’re not so great, though? When scamsters convince unknowing people to sign contracts, then resell the phones, failing to cancel the contracts as they promised.

That’s what a pair in Denver are accused of doing. They were arrested last week, suspected of obtaining a signature through deception. Specifically, they offered homeless or intellectually disabled people money to sign new phone contracts that included shiny new iPhones. They allegedly had each of their marks sign up for multiple phone lines, promising to pay the victims back for any early termination fees.

Of course, they didn’t.

If the bills don’t come to the correct address, signing these contracts could become disastrous for the victims: they’ll be liable for early termination fees and charges for phone service, but may not even know it unless they live at the address where the bills arrive.

Police believe that there are additional victims, and are looking for them.

Pair Accused Of Targeting Homeless To Fraudulently Obtain New iPhones [CBS Denver]

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