Tiny Walmart Proliferation Continues With “Walmart To Go” Convenience Store

tinywalmartSince 2011, we’ve followed the proliferation of tiny Walmarts across America (well, mostly Arkansas) as they fan out and threaten to take over our retailscape like the splinters that grew into enchanted brooms in the “Sorceror’s Apprentice” section of Disney’s “Fantasia.” In the chain’s hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas, they’re experimenting with yet another new store format: the “Walmart To Go” convenience store, complete with gas pumps and a deli counter.

“Walmart To Go” is already a thing, and that name meant something else the last time we checked. That’s the company’s name for its online grocery ordering and delivery service, currently being tested in a few markets. Admittedly, it makes more sense for a gas station format, but the matching names indicate that one of these brands will never go national. Maybe neither ever will.

We couldn’t find information on how big the new store is, and whether it qualifies as the “World’s Smallest Walmart.” If it did, it would take the crown from the 3,500 square foot pharmacy-sized store in Fayetteville, AR.

The store had its grand opening last week, and it sounds like a pretty nice convenience store. It features a deli counter in partnership with a well-respected local business, we well as a Krispy Kreme stand and smoothies made from Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. On the retail/grocery side, you’ll find refrigerated and frozen food similar to what other convenience stores carry.

First Walmart to Go opens in Bentonville [KNWA] (via Liberty Voice)

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