Pantene Changes Anti-Frizz Rhetoric, Removes 1.7 Ounces From Conditioner Bottle

Jeremy picked up a bottle of Pantene conditioner during his recent trip to Walmart. They made some changes to the bottle and to the company’s promises about what their product does. The redesign also included trimming the bottle size just a tiny bit.

Here’s the old bottle (left) next to the newer one (right) hanging out in their natural habitat. Mostly we’re amused that the previous label bragged that the product “fights frizz” while the newer version claims that it “tames frizz.” Saying that your product can tame something means that it’s succeeding. When you say that a conditioner “fights frizz for 72 hours,” that doesn’t mean that it even defeats frizz in a single strand of hair.



This is Consumerist, though, not an advanced advertising copy workshop. We’re mostly just sad about losing that 1.7 ounces. That’s a whole day’s worth of frizz-fighting. Or taming. Or something.

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