Tourist Admits She Did A “Stupid Thing,” Returns $5,500 Shoe Stolen From Hulk Hogan Store

(Clearwater PD)

(Clearwater PD)

Shh, ease your worried minds, my sweet little lambs! We can all rest easy in our beds tonight knowing that the unforgivable crime of stealing a shoe autographed by wrestler Hulk Hogan has been remedied. A tourist who snagged the shoe from the wrestler’s Florida store has fessed up to her infraction.

The daring heist took place earlier this week in broad daylight, when CBS Detroit says workers at the Clearwater, FL store were distracted when a Hogan statue outside toppled over.

That’s when the store’s security footage shows a woman strolling toward the $5,500 autographed wrestling shoe while the attention was on the disturbance, calmly plucking it from its display and walking out.

The 55-year-old tourist from Michigan is now regretting walking on the wild side and has called up the store to arrange the return of the shoe.

“She wanted to get the shoe back to the store where it belonged, but she was not in possession of the shoe,” a police spokesman said. “So she had to get in touch with people down here that she had met and they were in possession of the shoe. And then late last night, they brought the shoe in question back to the Hogan Beach Shop.”

In her admission of the crime, the woman says she’d done “a stupid thing.” She hasn’t been charged at this time.

“Our officers and detectives need to still do a thorough investigation and that might include talking to Mr. Hogan and to the state attorney’s office as well to figure out whether or not this woman will be charged,” the police rep explained.

Downriver Woman Returns Stolen Hulk Hogan Shoe To Florida Beach Shop [CBS Detroit]

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