Planet Fitness Kicked This Woman Out For Being Too Fit, Or Breaking The Rules

tanktopA California woman made headlines nationwide when she went to a local TV station, claiming that a local Planet Fitness kicked her out for distracting other customers by being too fit. Wait: what happened to the whole “no judgement zone” marketing campaign?

The truth could be the simple headline version of events, or it could be something even simpler: she was breaking the dress code, not upsetting other members by being too awesome. Members are told about the dress code when they sign up, and the woman was breaking it by wearing a stomach-exposing tank top with spaghetti straps.

That’s not her version of events, though. She told KTVU that an employee approached her 15 minutes into her treadmill workout and made the request. “[E]xcuse me we’ve had some complaints you’re intimidating people with your toned body,” she claims the gym employee said. “So can you put on a shirt?” She agreed to put on a shirt, and another staffer approached her to make the same request. Instead of putting on a nice Planet Fitness shirt, she instead asked a manager, requested her money back, and left.

A Planet Fitness spokesperson told the TV station that asking a member to cover up because they’re too “toned” is against the chain’s policies.

Gym tells woman she’s intimidating guests with ‘toned body’ [KTVU]

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  1. shadowzen says:

    By her own admission, they didn’t “kick her out”; she left of her own accord after requesting a refund.

    I’m a member of a Planet Fitness in another location and I don’t know how her location is but at my gym, the dress code is posted on big signs in multiple locations and spaghetti strap tanks are clearly stated as something not to be worn. I think there is also something about ‘half-shirts’ but I can’t recall off the top of my head. I haven’t seen the lunkhead alarm go off at my gym yet but we do have plenty toned and fit members but they obey the rules and dress code and and no one hassles them. It seems almost as if she just used this ‘news’ article as an opportunity to tell everyone just how ‘toned’ she was.

  2. oomingmak says:

    Yeah, what’s up with that headline? It’s pretty clear from the article that she quit Planet Fitness herself after being asked to put on a shirt.

  3. CzarChasm says:

    I really wouldn’t be surprised if an employee did make the exact comment she claims. It seems like a fairly reasonable way to diffuse a situation in which someone clearly can’t be bothered to read the rules. I’m sure this woman would have been much happier if the staff member had said “excuse me are you blind or do you have trouble reading? Because there are signs posted about what you are wearing.” /sarcasm