No, Chipotle Will Not Be Adding A Breakfast Burrito To The Menu

Perhaps you thought that one time you stumbled upon a Chipotle breakfast burrito at the airport was some sort of delirious, travel-induced fever dream. It wasn’t — but the chain has decided to stop testing breakfast options like the egg-filled burritos and not bring them to the wider market.

Chipotle tried out the breakfast menu thing at some airport locations including Dulles International Airport, but only because it absolutely had to. The tests didn’t go so well for the breakfast items, only because customers already know what they like at Chipotle.

“We have tested some breakfast options at our airport locations, largely because we are contractually obligated to be open during breakfast hours,” a spokeswoman told Business Insider. “Among the things we have seen thus far, is that customers in those locations have tended to order their normal Chipotle order, regardless of time, so we have discontinued those tests.”

“But what about me? I didn’t try one! I love breakfast burritos!” You might be yelling at the screen. Will there be any more tests?

“At the moment, we have no plans to expand that test,” she added, effectively killing your hopes and dreams.

But hope remains alive on Yelp, with users writing mostly positive reviews, including:

“Bring back the Chipotle breakfast and I will intentionally fly through Dulles to get just about anywhere,” one user wrote. “Chipotle breakfast was absolutely divine while it lasted.”

Looks like you’ll either have to order a side of scrambled eggs from another restaurant to dump into your burrito or learn to deal with the loss.

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