Safeway Has Limits For Soft Drink Purchases, Isn’t Sure What They Are

For some time now, we at Consumerist have been worried about Target, since the retailer’s pricing shows little to no grounding in reality. Now the disease has spread to Safeway, maybe. Reader David is still scratching his head over this shelf tag that he found last week.

He provides the wacky backstory: the limit on these “club price” bottles has varied over the last few weeks. First, it was “minimum 4,” then “limit 4.” Now there’s a limit of one, but you have to buy four to get a gas discount. Wha?


“The same product was also on an endcap, but there it was still marked as ‘limit 4,'” David writes. Oh. Okay. Why is there a limit of only one bottle of soda? THIS IS AMERICA!

At least we can explain that four-bottle minimum at the bottom: those can be any product for the gas discount, mix and match.

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