Family Claims Pizza Place Served Them A Literal Pot Pie

We’ve heard that pizza and marijuana can be a winning combination for a fun weekend night. However, one south Los Angeles family doesn’t agree after their experience with a local pizzeria. They claim that they ended up in the emergency department of the nearest hospital with acute marijuana intoxication after eating the mushroom pizza that they ordered.

Out of the family members who shared the pizza, two became ill. “It was a like a rush, sweating, heart beating real fast,” the grandmother told TV station CBS2. Her grandson’s symptoms were different, and even more alarming: he says that he felt “dizzy” and “crazy,” and his grandmother reports that he “ran out the door butt naked.”

At the hospital, the grandmother and grandson both tested positive for marijuana intoxication, but insist that they weren’t exposed to the drug at home. They blame the mushrooms on the pizza. Why? The other two people who ate the pizza, two other grandchildren, had picked the mushrooms off their slices and didn’t eat them.

The restaurant owner says that the family’s allegations are impossible. “No, that’s incredible, because nobody smokes marijuana right here,” he told the TV station.

The family filed a police report. We’ll let you know the results of any investigation when we find out.

Only On CBS2: South LA Family Claims Pizza Shop Served Them Pot On Their Pie [CBS2/KCAL9]

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