Virgin America Flight Attendant’s Safety Demo Shows That He Can Kick A Lot Higher Than You

The fascination — if there’s any to be had — with airlines’ safety demonstrations wears off pretty much during the first 30 seconds the first time you hear one. And then once you’ve been through one safety demo, you’ve been through them all. At least, until you’re faced with a high-kicking, dancing and strutting Virgin America flight attendant.

This energetic routine was caught on video and posted on YouTube by a passenger, and it makes me wish everyone was so excited about safety (H/T to New York Daily News). While the video was first posted in January, it’s just now making the rounds on the Internet.

And because the cabin of Virgina America planes already looks like the inside of a club you could never convince me to wait in line for, it doesn’t even seem that out of place. Well, besides the fact that his fellow club patrons are a bunch of grumpyfaces who barely even crack a smile during the whole thing.

The other bummer? You can barely hear the song/safety instructions he’s dancing to. It’s the same song Virgin used in its new safety music video, so you can always sync up the two videos below for an enhanced dancing flight attendant experience.

And I dare you to try that kick jump at the end while standing in the aisle of a bunch of cranky first class passengers.

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