American And JetBlue End Frequent Flier Pact, Decide To Go Their Separate Ways

Former BAFFs (best airline friends forever) JetBlue and American Airlines are now moving on from their past frequent flier pact that allowed each other’s customers to buy connecting flights on one ticket. American doesn’t need JetBlue anymore now that it’s going steady with US Airways, giving the airline “greater connectivity” on the East Coast.

Previously, American customers could earn frequent flier miles on certain JetBlue connecting routes, and vice versa, reports Reuters. But the interline agreement is over as of right now, the two said today.

“Through the merger with US Airways, American’s network along the East Coast provides greater connectivity and customer benefits and there is no longer a need to supplement our combined network coverage with the JetBlue agreement,” American Airlines’ spokesman said in a statement.

It sounds like JetBlue is already shrugging things off and probably shredding that best pals bracelet, as it said that the partnership with American was “not overly material when we think about the other partnerships that we have,” JetBlue Chief Executive Dave Barger said at a JP Morgan conference today.

JetBlue has about 80% of its total operations on the East Coast, and does have plenty of other pals through similar agreements with 30 other carriers.

The airlines won’t accept interline tickets sales starting today, but customers using their reciprocal frequent-flyer programs still have until April 1 to earn miles or points on eligible flights.

American Airlines to end ticketing agreement with JetBlue [Reuters]

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