New At Subway In Japan: Meatloaf Sub

Are you craving a meatloaf sandwich? Be sad that you don’t live in Japan, where Subway has introduced a meatloaf submarine sandwich. We don’t understand how this is a thing in a fast-food environment where there’s no leftover meatloaf to use up.

Putting a meatloaf sandwich on menus in the United States is at least plausible. Maybe not this particular version, which includes way more vegetables than most Americans could cope with: peppers, soybeans, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms. Any plant-based foods beyond onions and ketchup and it wouldn’t register as meatloaf to most people here.

Another limited-time offering at Subway in Japan has layers of prosciutto and potato anchovy salad. Depending on your food preferences, that will either sound like an unspeakable horror or amazing.

Around the World: Subway Japan Offering Meatloaf Sub [Brand Eating]

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  1. FusioptimaSX says:

    This is seriously gourmet food compared to that new sandwich they slap freakin FRITOS on. Can’t see why they wouldn’t sell either of those sandwiches here.

    I read how the Seafood Sensation use to use actual crab. I remember when they used actual shrimp too, but now it’s just mayonnaise marinated Pollock (fish).