Publix Recalls Meat Loaf Mislabeled As Pot Roast

It would be a little bit confusing to open a microwaveable pot roast and find a microwaveable meatloaf instead. However, it could be seriously problematic for people with food allergies, since while meatloaf has bread crumbs and soybean oil, pot roast doesn’t. That’s why the incognito meatloaf has been recalled. [More]

New At Subway In Japan: Meatloaf Sub

New At Subway In Japan: Meatloaf Sub

Are you craving a meatloaf sandwich? Be sad that you don’t live in Japan, where Subway has introduced a meatloaf submarine sandwich. We don’t understand how this is a thing in a fast-food environment where there’s no leftover meatloaf to use up. [More]