12-Year-Old Has Clothing Line At Nordstrom And I’m Still Sitting Here In My House Pants

If you’re like me and have the ability to work somewhere that doesn’t involve changing out of your house pants, as we call them in the Midwest (stretch, sweat, any soft pants involving elastic) hearing that a 12-year-old has a clothing line at Nordstrom might bring about a twinge of “What am I doing with my life?” But she’s also a certified genius, so, there’s that.

Business Insider spoke to the tween — who’s a member of that high IQ-having group at Mensa — about how she was able to launch a clothing line she describes as “hippie-grunge, yet feminine” at Nordstrom before she’s old enough to go to a PG-13 movie alone.

She explains that her love of painting at a young age lent itself well to fashion, which she’s “always been enamored” with. She started sewing at the age of 7 while “exploring mixed media” in her artwork, and began designing her own clothing.

“I immediately began sewing clothes for myself,” she says. “As some of my friends began liking what I was wearing, I got the idea to sell them and to start a business.”

Meanwhile, the only sewing kit I have in my apartment is one of those crappy ones you get for free in the toiletries basket, the kind with the threat that breaks as soon as you try to sew a button on.

And don’t worry — it’s not like this fashion line will get in the way of junior high — because she’s already pursuing a degree in Fine Art.

Despite sounding more mature than you or I could ever hope to be at age [insert your age], she’s still in awe of what she’s accomplished as a youngster.

“I feel like I have to pinch myself! It is a dream come true. I am beyond excited and feel so very grateful for this opportunity,” she says, sounding like the kind of gal my grandmothers would heartily approve of (she probably keeps her hair out of her eyes, too). “It is such a huge honor.

Her next step? Expanding into accessories, handbags and shoes. My next step? Changing out of my house pants, eventually, after I finally go buy more toilet paper and taking a good, long look at my current accomplishments and future life goals.

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A 12-Year-Old Certified Genius Just Got A Clothing Line At Nordstrom [Business Insider]

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