Woman Discovers Her New Car Has Not Only A Spare Tire, But Also 8 Spare Pounds Of Marijuana

Don’t you just hate it when you’re driving down the road, cruising the highways and byways as you please, when you suddenly realize you have a flat AND you don’t have any drugs left?* One Ohio woman is totally covered by her seven-month-old car that she bought new, because not only does she have a spare tire but she’s got a spare eight pounds of marijuana inside it.

When the Cleveland-area woman took her newish car into the dealership to replace a flat tire this week she was surprised to find out there was about $12,000 in pot hiding in the tire, reports Reuters.

Mechanics didn’t realize anything was amiss until after they’d installed the spare and heard a “loud thumping” as the woman drove off, police said. Probably because the marijuana fairies got scared and started smacking the sides to get out, if you ask me.

Upon closer inspection they found eight pounds of marijuana wrapped in plastic and stashed in the car, which the driver had bought new in August.

The driver hasn’t been charged with any crime — because who would get a spare installed if they knew there was a bunch of drugs in it? — and cops are now trying to trace back the pot to whoever supplied the parts or transported the vehicle.

And despite the fact that most of us don’t have drugs rattling around in our cars, the chief deputy of police says this isn’t the first time they’ve found marijuana in cars, and it likely won’t be the last.

“I’m sure it is not the only vehicle out there with this,” he said.

*Not condoning driving and drugs, this is a hypothetical, sarcastic situation.

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