Cody Foster Figures Craft Designs And Silence Are Worth About $650

horsieHey, remember Cody Foster, the wholesale vendor of adorable gifts and home goods that last year was accused of stealing designs from Etsy sellers? There’s news from one of the people who sued the company for infringement: the company offered to pay $650 to license the item, and for the artisan to keep quiet about it.

FastCompany writer and Consumerist alumnus John Brownlee has the scoop. The thing is, $650 wouldn’t even pay this person’s legal fees, let alone buy her silence.

For that amount of money, she would have to remove all references to her dispute with Cody Foster from websites, blogs, social media, etc. She also would be granting a future and retroactive license to the company to use her designs…even though the company will not admit that it intentionally copied those designs in any way.

Design Pirate Cody Foster Tries To Buy Victim’s Silence [Fastco Design]

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