True Confessions Of A Temporary UberX Driver

If you’re 23 or older, have a driver’s license and car insurance, and have a nice, clean late-model four-door car, you can sign up to drive strangers around for UberX. Should you? Well, it depends on your feelings about voyeurism, cash, and people eating in your car.

Writer Mickey Rapkin signed on to drive his 2013 Prius for UberX in Los Angeles, and you really should check out his “Uber Cab Confessions” in the March issue of GQ. He pondered the wide swath of humanity (who can afford car service and smartphones) who climbed in his backseat, he gained new insights into life. “As I merge into traffic,” he recollects about a trip driving four young partying young adults who are drinking out of a pimp cup in his immaculate backseat. “I begin to understand how my parents must have felt all those years ago chauffeuring around me and my idiot friends.” So it’s like driving your kids around, but with strangers who you can’t ground or guilt if they misbehave.

Driving for Uber does provide some quality eavesdropping and glimpses into others’ lives that you may not have expected. It becomes addictive after a while. “The job becomes akin to binge-watching a TV series late at night on Netflix,” he writes. “Okay, just one more.”

Uber Cab Confessions [GQ]

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