Woman Spends Harrowing 45 Minutes Locked Inside Department Store, Live-Tweets The Experience



When you try to leave a store only to discover that you’ve been locked inside and no one is around to help, many thoughts may cross your mind. “I’ve got to tweet this” probably won’t be one of them, but you’re not the Canadian writer who spent a harrowing 45 minutes or so locked inside a Hudson’s Bay store in Toronto.

The nightmare began shortly before 8 P.M., when employees thoughtlessly locked the doors without letting Emily Keeler out.

Her dispatches came complete with photographic proof:

Being alone in an empty store is creepy when the radio won’t stop.

CTV confirmed that the police did receive a non-emergency call around 8:30 from someone stuck in a department store.

Finally, at 8:32 PM, sweet freedom.

Ms. Keeler has refused interviews, saying, “I think I’ve already embarrassed myself enough.” That’s okay: the tweets tell the story.

Toronto woman trapped in The Bay live-tweets ‘terrifying’ ordeal [CTV]

Laura spent a harrowing five minutes locked inside a Sears last week, but failed to tweet about it. You should follow her anyway.

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  1. C0Y0TY says:

    If it were Ikea, she’d never find her way out.

  2. Shea says:

    I’m curious how she managed to be locked in. Did the store announce over the speakers they were closing? Did she not notice all the employee’s closing registers and leaving? How about the lights dimming?

    There’s more to this story.

  3. Psylent1 says:

    It’s against the rules at many stores to announce you are closing and back when I worked at the Hardware store, we came close to locking a few people in, but never did.

    My personal favorite was the guy reading the Ortho garden problem solver book, page by page like it was a mystery novel.

    I hated to tell him, the cricket did it, but framed the grasshopper.