Fitbit Will Keep Supporting Force For Non-Itchy Customers, No Word On Software Upgrades

fitbit_rashBy now, you’ve probably heard that Fitbit has issued a recall for its Force wristbands, which caused mysterious and painful contact dermatitis in 1.7% of users. It’s a voluntary recall, and many customers who haven’t experienced any skin rashes are wondering whether they can keep their wristbands if they really like them. The short answer: yes. 

Where the answer gets a little more complicated is the question of whether the promised software update that would allow Fitbit users with certain smartphones to screen phone calls using their wristbands: the bands would show who’s calling you without having to do anything taxing like picking up your phone.

If you’ve had a happy and rash-free experience with your Force, you can keep it. “All of our community forums and online help portal for Force remain active and online,” a Fitbit representative told Consumerist. They will continue to support the device and won’t turn off its syncing ability or anything terrible like that. However, what Fitbit can’t tell us is whether that promised Caller ID update that was supposed to launch sometime this month will ever come. They might save that for their next-generation device, which the company also promises is coming soon.

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