The ’90s Are Dead: AOL Killing Off Its Iconic Moviefone Voice

Disconnecting the Voice.

Disconnecting the Voice.

We know, we know — the word “iconic” is overused. But we’re talking about the voice that greeted callers looking to hear movie times back in the 1990s, when such a service seemed ridiculously convenient (and I didn’t have any other boys to talk to on the phone). The Internet has killed off the Moviefone voice, as AOL says it’s planning to disconnect the line. 

Get your kicks in calling Moviefone while you can to hear company founder Russ Leatherman greet you with, “Hellooo and welcome to Moviefone!”

But fair warning, now it’s followed by an announcement that the line is slated for the chopping block. Leatherman himself, of course, is perfectly fine.

“The 777-FILM number will no longer be in service in the near future,” said Moviefone. “But we’re still here to help.”

AOL hasn’t said when, exactly, the blade will fall, only that it’s overhauling the Moviefone image. As you can see by that very trendy new “mf” logo that all the kids probably think is peachy keen.

And when that number is disconnected forever, just call Kramer.

Also, true story: As I was typing Leatherman’s words, the song “Radio” by Naughty by Nature started up with a dial tone and then a very similar message of, “Welcome to Musicfone…” Crazy, am I right? Totally. This video has NSFW language because it’s naughty… by nature. Zing:

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