How Many Gummy Bears Are In Your Starbucks Drink?

Yes. Everyone who loves espresso-based coffee concoctions knows, objectively, that they contain a lot of calories. Sometimes it’s hard to visualize what this means, though, without imagining the coffee beverage in terms of something more familiar. Like candy.

I Love Coffee framed different Starbucks drinks in terms of what else clocks in at the same calorie count. “190 calories” might be hard to picture, but it’s not hard to visualize making a tradeoff between a grande latte and a slice of pizza.

Or a hot chocolate and 45 gummy bears.

Keep in mind that the comparison only includes plain old calories: the relative fat, protein, carbohydrates, and Vitamin C (caffeine) in each item aren’t compared. It’s a fun visualization, still.

How Many Calories Are In a Drink From Starbucks? [I Love Coffee] (Thanks, Kate!)

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