All It Takes To Win $1M Powerball Prize? Playing The Same Numbers For Decades

The odds of you or me winning the Powerball are pretty darn slim. But who knew that if you could only have the patience to dedicate yourself entirely to just one set of numbers, and play them constantly over two decades, that you could reap say, a $1 million Powerball prize? Here’s where we point to a guy who did just that.

The Iowa man has stuck with the same set of numbers for two decades, hoping that someday those digits would be lucky and help him win the Powerball jackpot, reports KCCI News 8.

And while he didn’t win the entire $330.8 million jackpot, he did take home a hefty $1 million for matching five of the winning numbers. Not too shabby.

He assigned numbers to the letters of the alphabet and used the corresponding numbers in his last name as his Powerball numbers, the 49-year-old man explained, but had only cashed in about $100 in prize money so far.

He found out he was a winner by using a self-check kiosk to look up his numbers at a convenience store.

“I put the first three (tickets) in and no win,” he said. “Then (the winning) one came up. I just kind of glanced at it. I did tell the guy next to me, ‘I don’t believe this,'”And he leaned over and I did it again and he says, ‘Sign it and get the heck out of here.'”

At odds of 1 in 5,153,632.65 to win even $1 million, it seems his determination to never swerve from those numbers has paid off. As for what he’ll do now, I say keep on plugging those digits in, buddy. They’ve treated you well.

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