Blind Man Sinks 3-Point Shot At College Game, Wins McDonald’s Value Meals For A Year

Raise your hand if you can sink a three-point shot. Okay, fine, I get it, you’re all great at basketball. Now raise your hand if you could do it with your eyes closed. Not so hot now, are we? That’s what makes it so awesomely remarkable and cool that a blind man hit a three-point shot during halftime of a college basketball game — winning him free McDonald’s for a year.

In a video that’s lighting up the Internet recently, fans at a College of the Ozarks basketball game go absolutely crazy when 54-year-old Michael hits the three-point shot perfectly, without being able to actually see the basket.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, KSPR-TV has a follow-up story that shows just how many setbacks he’s had to deal with, and how he’s triumphing over all those obstacles.

While playing around on the court for the piece, the man nailed three-pointers left and right. That’s partly due to his involvement with a group called Champion Athletes of the Ozarks, a group that works “with individuals with all types of disabilities, all types of developmental disabilities,” explains a rep for the organization. Members play all kinds of sports, including baskteball.

“He would never have needed our program had the head injury not happened,” she explains of Michael.

Six years ago he had a series of falls that led to him going blind, and then in 2010 he lost much of his mental capacity. In 2013 he joined up with the program, and has been doing things that just can’t be copied.

“I know that if I do my best then everything else will be okay,” he says. “I like basketball so much that a lot of times it’s just being with the other athletes and thinking about how great it is to be able to play basketball.”

And then there’s the prize — free value meals from McDonald’s for a year. He says he doesn’t have much of an idea of what a year is but heck if he’s not going to enjoy it.

Check out the videos below to see his shot as well as KSPR-TV’s interview with Michael, who again, is better at basketball than you. Pretty awesome stuff.

Blind man who hit 3-pointer has incredible story [KSPR-TV)

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