1-800-Flowers Botches Valentine’s Day Delivery, Sends $20 Apology Vouchers

Image courtesy of Janet Ulliott

dead_tulipsThe sheer volume of orders of gifts delivered on Valentine’s Day means that someone will inevitably be unhappy with what they receive…or don’t receive. 1-800-Flowers customers were upset about the non-delivery, late delivery, or utter crappiness of their orders.

Not all gift recipients were left with empty vases, though. One Twitter user posted this handy “spot the differences” image on Twitter on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes the differences between an arrangement that someone ordered and what they received are subtle and even understandable during a busy time for florists. This… is not so understandable.

The company got around to responding on Twitter… today, on February 18th.

Maybe the company just got a bad batch of tulips. Here’s what another customer reported receiving:


It’s one thing to have the buds closed when the flowers arrive: getting buds rather than blooms just means that the flowers aren’t at their peak yet, and the recipient will have the pleasure of watching them open up and become all beautiful and stuff. Sending flowers that are limp or a vase full of greenery with incidental tulips isn’t okay, though.

Coincidentally, the response came after CNN featured the photo in their story about the drooping tulips. The customer finally managed to get through and receive a refund on Valentine’s Day, but even a refund doesn’t really make up for sending your love a clump of limp tulips as an expression of how you feel about her.

At least you get swift and personable service after the company contacts you via Twitter, though, right?


Someone’s paying attention, though: the company’s stock has fallen almost 6% over the course of the day as this story spread across the newsphere.

We’re sure that 1-800-Flowers isn’t the only company that’s delivered disasters to their customers this holiday. Did you send or receive a bad arrangement this holiday? Let us know at tips@consumerist.com or snap a picture with our Tipster App.

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