Delta Flight Makes Unplanned Stop To Drop Off “Unruly” Passenger Accused Of Getting Grabby

If there are two things that don’t mix it’s alcohol and close quarters. Okay, three — it’s even trickier when you’re in mid-flight and your fellow passenger gets a bit unruly after a few too many cocktails. A woman who was allegedly intoxicated on a Delta flight from Baltimore to Salt Lake City prompted the pilot to make an unplanned stop to drop her off with authorities in Minneapolis.

It’s unclear exactly what went down, but the fellow passenger who posted two videos of the incident wrote in the caption that the woman was allegedly drinking and made “sexual advances” to her male seatmate. Those videos accuse her of becoming enraged when he turned her down, prompting the flight crew to handcuff her.

Again, that’s coming from a passenger sitting a few rows away so the video’s descriptions are just allegations at this point.

A spokesman for the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport confirmed to the The Salt Lake Tribune that the crew handed the woman over to airport police at about 8 p.m. on Friday night, whereupon she was taken to a medical center for observation.

The spokesman said she was was “very intoxicated” and was “grabbing at passengers,” but left it at that.

In one video she’s heard screaming profanities and other potty-mouthed epithets, while the follow-up video shows a quieter scene after she’d been taken into custody. The video may be NSFW due to strong language, so turn down the volume or put on headphones if/when you watch the videos.

Because the flight was in mid-air at the time of the alleged disturbance, local law enforcement won’t pursue charges. It’d be up to federal officials to make that call, and it’s unclear if she’s been charged for anything.

The flight continued on to Salt Lake City without further incident, a Delta spokesman said.

Drunk woman on plane to Salt Lake City allegedly made sexual advances [The Salt Lake Tribune]

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