Waterfront Restaurant Takes Off Down Waterway

waterfrontThere’s a floating restaurant in Kentucky called Jeff Ruby’s Waterfront, and it’s located pretty much where you would assume: on the water. Until 2011, the restaurant operated in a boat docked in the Ohio River. Well, it was. Three years ago, the eatery came loose from the dock and floated down the river with more than a hundred customers on board. Waterfront closed, but was supposed to reopen soon. Today, it escaped again.

The boat isn’t equipped to actually cruise down the river with the ability to “steer” and whatnot, so it just floats like a very large, very fancy raft. This time, there was one maintenance worker on board when it broke loose.

The boat was secured with only one cable, and left open gas and electric lines when it broke loose from the dock. It came to a rest against a trestle of the same bridge that it hit three years ago.

The restaurant’s owner blames river ice for snapping the cable, and is really having one of those days.

Waterfront Restaurant breaks free again (Thanks, Reid!)

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