United Airlines Realizes It’s 2014, Ditches Styrofoam Coffee Cups

United's new cup.

United’s new cup.

First of all yes, dear readers, Styrofoam is a trademarked name for insulation and what we really mean when we use the lowercase word is “extruded polystyrene.” Moving on: Joining the rest of the 21st century in an aim to “go green,” United Airlines says it will stop using styrofoam coffee cups in its lounges and on flights.

Replacing the styrofoam cups will be eco-friendly, recyclable cups made from 50% recycled materials, the airline said in its announcement, starting in airport lounges this month and on flights by mid-March.

The cups are special in that they’re already insulated, eliminating the need for a sleeve.

“At United, we are constantly working to improve the sustainability of our products and reduce our waste at the same time,” said Angela Foster-Rice, United’s managing director of global environmental affairs and sustainability. “This new cup is not only aligned with our overall Eco-Skies SM commitment to the environment, it is another way our customers can feel good about flying with us.”

There are plenty of others still riding the styrofoam train, of course. After all, McDonald’s announced just last September that it’d be making the switch to paper cups for its hot beverages.

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