8 Retailers That Have Your Back When You Forget Your Coupon

Retailer coupons can be your ticket to great deals, but what happens when you forget to clip or bring along your coupon? If you know when to ask, sometimes the store will have your back. If not, these stores often have coupon-stuffed flyers at the entrances, or smartphone apps you can use to dial up your own.

Rather-Be-Shopping.com put together a handy list of stores that might be able to help forgetful shoppers out.

Michaels: There’s probably one of the chain’s ubiquitous 40% off one item coupons stashed next to the cash register. “I’d say 90% of the time they’ll open a drawer under the register and pull out a coupon and scan it,” blogger Kyle says of his wife’s shopping trips to the craft supplies chain.

Old Navy: Asking for a coupon works less consistently, but does work sometimes. If you have a smartphone, you can also check it for in-store deals, which may be on the company’s Facebook page.

Jo-Ann: This craft chain also offers 40-50% off one item coupons weekly. If you forget yours, there may be one on a sale flyer sitting around the store, or just ask. The chain also has a smartphone app that you can use to pull up insta-coupons.

Bed Bath & Beyond: If the cashier doesn’t have a loaner coupon or you don’t find one sitting around the store, you can bring your receipt back to the store with your sweet 20% off deal and get a refund.

Dick’s Sporting Goods: Kyle shares the tale of a shopping trip when he pulled up a coupon on his smartphone, only to have the cashier offer an even better one. Handy! It may have helped that he had some raucous children with him.

Kohl’s: This store can scan e-mailed coupons from your smartphone. Don’t have one? The cashier may have scratch-off coupons, which add the fun of an instant lottery ticket to your shopping trip. Just ask.

JCPenney: Yes, they’ve re-embraced coupons. Look for a flyer when you enter the store, or ask a cashier.

Costco: Readers have told us that if you forget the coupon book that Costco mailed you, cashiers have spares. Ask nicely.

Forgot your Coupon? These Retailers Still Got your Back [Rather-Be-Shopping.com]

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  1. IMakeMyOwnSnarkAtHome says:

    And with Costco, every coupon is the same code. They just have a barcode taped at the register that they scan at every transaction. At least they do at the ones I go to.

  2. Saber says:

    Macy’s has also been actually very helpful in supplying coupons (such as their WOW pass) if you tell them you forgot it at home, but have it/mention it. Usually when they have a promotion, they have a few next to the register.

  3. PsiCopB5 says:

    A different, but related, issue: Expired bonus cards at Outback. My mother got one over a year ago when she bought a gift card as a Christmas gift, then misplaced it after the holidays. It expired in the middle of February 2013. We found it a month ago, and brought it this weekend when we went to an Outback. We asked nicely if they would still honor it (not expecting they would, we just thought we’d give it a shot); they did, and the manager told us they will usually do that.

    So props to Outback for their consideration.

  4. Mphonetic says:

    That is cool and all. The only thing that bothers me is the customer precedent that can be set for all retail stores in this matter. I am a customer and a retail manager. As a customer, I understand that it is MY responsibility to keep track of coupons I have or discounts I can get. Not the stores.

    Sure, as a retail manager I give grace in these areas all the time. Except to people who think it is required. But something like this can and will embolden more consumers to think it is required. It isn’t and shouldn’t be.

  5. C0Y0TY says:

    I’ve gone into Bed, Bath & Beyond without coupons, been asked if I had them, and got them applied anyway.