Mailman Retires In Style, Wears A Tuxedo To Celebrate His Final Rounds

“I’m 60, and it’s the first time I don’t have to be anywhere.” So sayeth a mailman who decided that he’d retire in style and ditch his usual USPS duds in favor of a tuxedo on his last rounds. He’d been waiting for the big day for a long time, even setting up a countdown clock that’s been ticking off the days for the last six years.

“Today it showed zero — and a few hours,” the Sacramento man tells, adding that he started his career late at 35.

His customers are sad to see him go, saying things like “It’s such a sad day,” and “He’s such a friendly person — he takes the time to see what’s happening in real life.”

As for the choice of a spiffy tux for his last day, the mailman says he just wanted to celebrate the occasion.

“I wanted to go out in style because as much as I love all those guys and everybody out on those rounds, this is a big day,” he explained. “I’m ready for retirement.”

“I’m just a regular mailman,” he adds, perhaps in response to the camera crew following him on his rounds. “The only difference is today, I’m wearing a tux.”

Sacramento mailman retires in style []

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