Report: iPhone Catches Fire While In Teen’s Back Pocket

Having a hot electronic gadget that’s all the rage is one thing, but having it actually be so hot that it burns its owner is an entirely other unfortunate reality. A teenage girl in Maine found that out the painful way when her iPhone reportedly caught fire in her pocket one morning at school.

The eighth-grader was about to start her first class of the day at about 7:40 a.m. when she sat down in the classroom and heard a “pop” in her back pants pocket, reports the SeaCoast Online. That combined with the smoke coming from her clothing prompted her to do what we’ve all been taught — stop, drop and roll.

Teachers covered her in a blanket while she tried to get out of the pants (her pals had already ordered the boys from the room because as any eighth-grader will tell you, having the opposite sex see you in a public state of undress is just the absolute worst.”

The principal said that the phone fell out and appeared to be visibly “burnt.”

“It was something that I don’t think people had ever seen before. I’ve never seen anything like that,” he said.

Local authorities believe that when the student sat down, the phone’s battery “shorted out.” The girl was taken to the hospital and treated for “moderate” burns and released. The state fire marshal is investigating.

Teenage girl burned when iPhone catches fire [

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