My Post Office Stacks Mailed Packages On Lobby Floor, Shrugs

Reader C. visited the post office recently, and what he saw upset him. The good news was that his post office was doing brisk business. It was early in the morning still, but it received a lot of packages. The bad news was that these packages were piled on the floor in the lobby.

“[A]pparently the back area was so jammed with already-mailed packages that there wasn’t any more room to send them through to the other side,” he complained to Consumerist. Photos? Of course he took photos.



Isn’t that good news? Hurray, people supporting the postal service! Hurray, a busy local government entity! Yes, but there’s a problem with this workflow, too. “Any joker could simply walk in and walk out with several armloads of packages,” notes C. “and no one would ever know what happened! Hell, I could have done it if I’d wanted to.”

C. told the people behind the counter about his package-related concerns. He also contacted his local postmaster, but didn’t hear anything back. We passed his photos and story on to representatives of the U.S. Postal Service, but we didn’t hear anything back either. It could be that this is just how they’re dealing with an era when they have to cut back on staffing levels, but computer-addicted customers keep buying and selling stuff online and printing their own postage at home. Or maybe C. caught them on an off day.

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  1. Liberal says:

    I love my mail, but they can be real boneheads. It could be a customer that dropped off those packages and the post office is too lazy to walk in the lobby to see them. I always pretend I am the mailman and deliver my mail to someone who puts it in the workflow in front of me.

    Banking coming soon.

    • CommonC3nts says:

      This happens at my post office. The drop box gets full and people are too lazy to come back so they just leave their package in front of the box hoping it is not stolen before the USPS workers get to them.

  2. CommonC3nts says:

    FYI, it was the customers who left the packages there not USPS employees.
    This happens at my post office too. When the drop box is full people just leave their packages in front of it. That is not the post office workers fault.

  3. trustnot says:

    For all the over worked and under appreciated postal workers, Thanks I have run into a few who really want to be somewhere else but as a customer for a small rural post office, I get the best they can do. If you really want a hassle, ship overseas. It is amazing what can disappear from boxes. Never send anything that can’t be replaced, especially if headed for Israel and probably some other countries close by.