Pizza Hut Manager Accused Of Serving Spitty Pizza To Cop Who Arrested Her For Drunk Driving

Some memories are best forgotten: A Pizza Hut manager, who was arrested for drunk-driving in 2013 after knowingly letting an intoxicated person drive her car, happened to recognize a customer at her restaurant — the officer who’d busted her — and allegedly retaliated with an extra topping of saliva on his order.

According to the Smoking Gun, the manager was arrested for disorderly conduct in Tennessee after the off-duty cop claimed he saw her spit on the pizza he’d ordered for his family last week. She’d apparently recognized him from her arrest back in April of last year.

The deputy arrived to pick up his dinner order but said that the suspect didn’t have to ask his name, and instead just rang up the order. So he sat down on a bench to wait for his food.

“As the defendant removed the pizza from the oven I observed her cut her eyes and look at me. The defendant then leaned over the pizza that she had began to slice and I observed her spit on the pizza which had been purchased by me,” he wrote in the police report.

When he confronted her and asked if she knew him, she replied yes, and said his name. He’d cited her last April, but had just appeared in court for it a week earlier. She’d pleaded guilty in the DUI case and was fined $350, sentenced to two days in jail, and placed on probation for one year.

According to the sheriff, the conviction was fresh on the suspect’s mind when she allegedly hocked a loogie on the pizza, an action the police called “just a retaliation.”

She’s been charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and was reportedly fired from her job at Pizza Hut.

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