Amazing Non-Food Uses For The Stuff In Your Pantry

Your pantry is full of stuff, some of which you might even have looked at in the last year. What you may not know is that many of the simplest pantry staples have multiple uses around the house. Beyond cleaning with baking soda and cleaning your face with olive oil, there are some more unexpected uses for these items.

You’ll have to click through to Lifehacker to see the full list, but here we’ll feature what we think are the most unexpected uses for each pantry staple.

Olive oil: You can use olive oil to remove heat stains from wooden furniture. You know, that awful mark that showed up when you set a bowl of soup on the coffee table.

Baking soda: The combination of vinegar and baking soda isn’t just for awesome explosions: it can also revive the absorbency of your bath towels.

Cooking spray: Have gum stuck in your kid’s (or your) hair? Cooking spray can help loosen gum for smaller tangles. You can also spray the rubber seals of your car doors in order to prevent them from freezing shut.

Flour: Put an unripe avocado in a bag of flour, and it will become edible much faster. You can also sprinkle flour inside jar lids to keep them easier to open.

Cornstarch: It can help you loosen stubborn knots and clean the surface of well-loved stuffed animals.

Uncommon Uses for Common Pantry Items [Lifehacker]

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  1. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    walnuts/pecans: rub into your wooden furniture to fix shallow scratches

    cornstarch 1: sprinkle on a tangled chain necklace to reduce friction and ease the tangles/knots

    cornstarch 2: also can be used to absorb excess grease/oil stains on clothing. pat in, leave overnight, brush off before washing

    cornstarch 3: mix with (old school) silicone caulk to create a suguru substitute (search instructables for “oogoo”) which you can use to fix all sorts of things and make your rugs non skid.

    salt 1: when foods in the oven overflow a little bit and start your oven smoking during cooking, sprinkle salt on the spill quickly and continue cooking.

    salt 2: drop an egg on the floor? sprinkle a bunch of salt on there and wait a few minutes for it to make the egg into a sweepable mess instead of goo

    baking soda: clean upholstery. when your roommate wears pomade in his hair and rests his greasy head on the sofa armrest for months at a time, make a paste of baking soda and water and rub into the grease. let it dry, vacuum and brush it off. depending on the greasiness you may need to repeat.