Walmart Customers Charged With Beating Security Guard, Running Off With 55 DVDs

On Friday, a Walmart security guard in South Carolina confronted a woman who was pushing a cart filled with DVDs that she hadn’t paid for out the door. That’s his job. Instead of surrendering or simply running off, the two women allegedly started hitting the guard and then ran off.

According to police, the women didn’t pay attention to the security guard until they had no other choice. He started taking the unpurchased DVDs back out of their cart. At that point, they began shouting at and attacking him, then escaping in their SUV.

The guard apparently didn’t suffer any injuries, but the two attackers did tear his hoodie.

The car that the two women ran for had, you know, license plates. The ace security guard wrote down the license plate number, and police apprehended the women. They now face charges of strong-arm robbery, because “violence against hoodies” is not, strictly speaking, a crime. People, yes: articles of clothing, no.

Two women beat up Walmart guard to steal DVDs, Charleston police say [Post and Courier]

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