American Airlines, US Airways Create Incentive Program For Employees To Do Their Jobs

Image courtesy of (David Transier)

Get ready for even friendlier skies when you fly American Airlines and US Airways. The newly merged airlines are all but bribing their employees with an incentive program aimed to ensure the airline has the best on-time performance, the rate of mishandled baggage and customer satisfaction.

The airline announced an incentive program offering each employee a $50 bonus for every government-monitored performance category the new American Airlines Group dominates, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The U.S. Department of Transportation will release new rankings of the nation’s airlines in March.

Each employee stands to earn an extra $150 if the new American Airlines Group beats Delta, Southwest, United and other airlines in each of the three categories.

Really? Isn’t that their job to be nice to customers and find your missing bag? And couldn’t the airlines find a better use for that $150?

They could certainly just pay their employees more, or reward their customers with free checked baggage. How about free wi-fi on flights? We could get behind that.

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