Incentive Program

John Stephen

Some Cities Vying For New Amazon HQ Haven’t Learned From Past Mistakes

It’s like the Olympics for corporations: Cities all over the country have put themselves into the running to be the home to Amazon’s planned second headquarters, and many of them are offering huge tax breaks and other incentives. But just like the Olympics, cities may regret making such a deal, and several places vying for Amazon’s attention have apparently not learned important lessons from themselves and others that were overly eager to court a new corporate HQ. [More]

(David Transier)

American Airlines, US Airways Create Incentive Program For Employees To Do Their Jobs

Get ready for even friendlier skies when you fly American Airlines and US Airways. The newly merged airlines are all but bribing their employees with an incentive program aimed to ensure the airline has the best on-time performance, the rate of mishandled baggage and customer satisfaction. [More]