The History Of The Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve, In Comic Form

We at Consumerist remain fascinated with the 2012 theft of 10,000 barrels of maple syrup from the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve in Quebec, Canada. We’re not the only ones: there’s even a movie about the heist starring Jason Segal in production. Yet some questions remained: Did authorities ever catch everyone involved? Was every drop of syrup recovered? More importantly, why is there a global strategic maple syrup reserve in the first place? Modern Farmer addressed this question in the form of a full-page comic.

The comic outlines the history of and controversy surrounding the existence of the reserve and the organization behind it. The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (French acronym: FPAQ) has existed since 1966, and regulates the production and marketing of maple syrup in Quebec. The FPAQ is a legal cartel that exists ostensibly to protect buyers and sellers from huge price fluctuations.

Syrup smugglers are an issue…and so are thefts. Like this one.

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