Snowblower Reportedly Shatters $450K Glass Panel At NYC’s Apple Store

It snowed in New York City yesterday, in case you hadn’t heard. And in what appears to resemble many of the iPhone screens displayed by various friends and others in the past, a glass panel that’s part of Apple’s cube store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan was apparently shattered by a snowblower blowing too close.

Over at, witnesses have reported that a snowblower accidentally bumped the store while dealing with yesterday’s onslaught. Buzzfeed says an Apple employee confirmed that a snowblower is to blame as well.

One of the store’s 15 panels looks like it’s cracked to holy heck, but is still standing. That could cost about $450,000 to fix (excluding labor costs), the site estimates.

The store is still open despite the cracked panel, and will likely stay that way if the panel is deemed secure enough to ensure visitors’ safety. Hope Apple opted for the extended coverage option or it’s looking at a whole new phone — er, glass panel.

$450K panel of glass at Apple’s iconic 5th Avenue ‘Cube’ store shattered by snowblower []

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  1. Unholy79 says:

    I can’t process how a pane of glass costs $450k. Sure it’s probably real thick, heavy, etc… Maybe $200k? Wait… it’s the Apple logo isn’t it. That’s why it costs so much. :)

    • KyMann says:

      A journalist arrived at that figure from the total cost of the last renovation.

      Although journalists aren’t known for either their math skills or knowledge of construction realities, it might be nearly plausible.

      A) Unusual sizes of glass require special set-ups and handling during manufacture. This might run 1/4 of the cost of the original 15. A single new pane would have to bear all that cost. OR Someone paid to have extras made during the original run. They will charge for the storage and add a decent percentage to the price to receive a decent return on their investment.

      B) Moving cranes and setting them up is a significant cost. Again, the original cost was spread out over 15, now one pane has to bear the cost.

      C) Permits, traffic control, and a world of other admin costs won’t be divided by 15.

      D) Inflation.

      And perhaps most importantly:
      E) The original work was (most likely) let out for bids. There’s no reason for Apple to care about the cost now because someone else’s insurance is going to cover it.

    • SuperSpeedBump says:

      Ah, I see what you did there. It’s Apple so it automatically costs more. Good one! So creative! Mind is totally blown!