Snapchat Figures It’s Best To Prove Users Are Actually Human With New Security Update

SNAPCHATVERIFYNow that Snapchat has had its toes firmly dipped in the pool of potential security threats, it seems the company has realized it might be best to stem the tide of spambots posing as real users on the photo-sharing service.

That’s one way to cut down on the spam that the company says is probably not related to the recent security breach, and as such, Snapchat announced what some are calling its new “ghost protocol” (is mascot is a ghost, after all) to ward of unwanted, non-humans, reports Engadget.

The new security measure asks first-time users to pick out the photos that feature ghosts. Humans can do that nice and easy, whereas a spam robot intent on spreading images of guys who have gotten pretty girls to date them with fake watches will not be able to perform that function.

No Snapchatting for you, bots. Except for the ones who are already users on the site — those you’ll just have to learn to ignore friend requests from.

Snapchat enlists its ghost mascot to thwart potential bot accounts [Engadget]

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