Home Depot Worker Swoops In To Save Falling Baby

So imagine you’re working at the store one day when out of the corner of your eye you see a baby about to fall to the floor from atop a shopping cart. Would you be fast enough to save the day?

A Home Depot employee in Anchorage, AK, has become a bit of an Internet hero in recent days after his brother uploaded the above video showing his on-the-job actions that saved a customer’s baby from plunging to the store floor.

KTUU-TV reports that the employee will be nominated for the Home Depot Angel Award, given out for exceptional acts of heroism.

“It’s pretty self-evident what happened in the video,” a company rep tells KTUU. “We’re just excited that this happened and excited for him.”

Below is one of the many slowed-down versions of the video that shows just how close the baby came to falling to the floor.

In December, an airport security guard in Poland also made headlines for his swift actions that saved a baby from colliding with the ground.

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