Why Is There A Giant Novelty Candy Industry?

big-ol-bear-cherry-more-ae-130818There is something missing in your life. You may not realize it right now, but you are suffering from a severe lack of giant pieces of novelty candy. When we say “giant,” we mean “26-pound gummy bears.”

We first learned about this strange industry from The Worst Things For Sale, which featured a three-pound worm along with an animated GIF of a guy chomping on it. This piqued our interest for what should be obvious reasons when you see the GIF.


Also, sugar. On Amazon, you can find other packaged giant candies. There is an 8-pack of giant Pop Rocks packets, for example.


There’s also a giant box of Nerds. Why does this exist? Who could finish such a container before they went stale?


That person with a very powerful pancreas might also be a fan of the giant gummy bears and worms, weighing in at three or six pounds. Or the even more giant ones available from specialty shops, such as the 26-pound gummy python.

I asked whether we could split one of these at our next Consumerist staff meeting, but was voted down. maybe because of the nutrition information:

Cherry & Blue Raspberry flavored
Weight: 26.9 pounds (12.2 kg)
Calories: 36,720
Servings: Approximately 306

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