Stephen Colbert Is Ready For Viacom To Insert Ads Anywhere

green_bowl_challengeMirriad bills itself as a company that does “advertising for the skip generation.” What the heck does that mean? They’re the people who insert new ads into reruns of your favorite programs, adding not-yet-released DVDs to nonexistent bookshelves and even adding televisions that show ads to walls in a scene. You can advertise any product in a program, no matter how old it might be.

We can’t wait until this idea gets taken to its obvious conclusion: iPhone billboards in the New York City of “Seinfeld.” The Ricardos of “I Love Lucy” have a giant curved flatscreen TV in their living room. The possibilities really are endless.

Faux-conservative pundit Stephen Colbert certainly knows that. The future of advertising is with Mirriad’s model, and Colbert is ready. Which is good, because Viacom, parent company of Comedy Central, is now a client of Mirriad and will try digitally inserting anachronistic ads in its programs.

No new TVs stuck on walls or fake Gap stores here, though: Colbert pulls out a few items painted chroma key green so marketers can insert whatever brand they like. (One of those items is probably not so safe for work…but might be once Mirriad transforms it into a sandwich, a massive sausage, or the world’s largest gummy worm.)

Mirriad & Retroactive Product Placement [The Colbert Report] (Warning: auto-play video)

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