We Don’t Want To Hear About Your Disappointing Flowers This Valentine’s Day

"Crap" was not an option.

Do not do this.

Well, Consumerist readers, the time is near. There’s a month to go until Valentine’s Day, and we have a goal. We do not want to publish any disappointing wire service flower photos on Tuesday, February 18. None. Zero. Because everyone reading this right now who plans to order flowers will proceed to the friendliest, best-reviewed local florist they can find and order directly.

For the biggest, freshest arrangement for the person you love or just want to smooch, call the florist up directly and ask for a designer’s choice bouquet. This works best if the recipient has no allergies or colors that he or she hates–you can make those preferences known when you place your order.

We don’t want to see your subpar roses from FTD.

We don’t want to see your terrible gift basket.

If your crappy flowers get repossessed from your girlfriend’s house, we’ll be really sad.

Find a real local florist, not an affiliate site that skims money off the top from your local florist. Ask around and find the best-reviewed florist you can, and make sure to plan what you’re going to buy ahead of time.

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