McDonald’s And Ferrero Offer Fancy McCafe Drinks And Cakes In Hong Kong

nutty_mochaWhile we Americans are here drinking our McCafé caramel mochas and blueberry pomegranate smoothies like a bunch of suckers, over in Hong Kong, McDonald’s customers get to experience a magical pairing of two of my favorite food groups: caffeine and candy. And cake. There is also cake.

You know, Ferrero, the company best-known in this country for producing hazelnut chocolates in golden wrappers, as well as the not at all healthy choco-nut spread Nutella. At Mcdonald’s in Hong Kong, they’re the makers of the McCafe x Ferrero Collection Golden Moments line of drinks.

There are plenty of hazelnuts in the Golden Nutty Mocha, which is exactly what is sounds like: a hazelnut-infused espresso drink. There’s also a white chocolate coffee, featuring white chocolate and sweetened coconut.

The coffees and cakes in this collection each come with one of the candies that inspired them. That makes this whole thing sort of a Ferrero ad…but we’re not sure that anyone minds.

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