Target Still Doesn’t Understand Bulk Pricing, Or Maybe Charges For Boxes Now

Target is one of my favorite stores. It’s where you can find all of life’s essentials at deeply confusing prices. You might as well just ignore the price tags, since unit prices are really the only thing that matters.

In the case of this Diaper Genie refill that Tamar found, to be fair, the two packages aren’t just different quantities of the same thing. In the case of the two-pack of refills on the bottom, you have to buy two, but they come in a box. That is apparently a bonus item that costs eighty cents, because your baby is going to like playing with this box better than any of the toys you’ve bought in the last three months anyway.


There’s no similar explanation for these batteries that Matt found. “And I did check the tags,” he notes. “They’re under the correct quantity.”


Well, this is Target: we wouldn’t expect anything else.

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