Amazon Fresh Promotes New Service By Delivering Bags Of Distinctly Unfresh Groceries

While it might be a nice surprise to receive a free, unexpected groceries on your doorstep, some San Francisco residents are a bit puzzled as to why Amazon is pushing its new Fresh delivery service with free bags of very unfresh items. A can of Coke, mushroom soup and fish taco seasoning? Dinner is served!

Amazon is all about promoting its grocery business on the West Coast, but as Re/code points out, its choice of marketing tools is a bit odd.

Included in a bag of free groceries dropped off by Amazon Fresh: dry pasta, fish taco seasoning, a can of cream of mushroom soup and a can of Coke, as well as a jar of jam and an energy bar. Put those all together and what do you get? Perfect stuff for a bomb shelter casserole that could help you survive the looming zombie apocalypse.

Sure, it’s nice to get anything for free, and of course it might be tough to deliver fresh fish if the bag is going to be sitting out for who knows how long.

But then again, the service is called Fresh. And none of those things are, unless the Coke suddenly pipes up and says something sassy about your backside.

It’s only a matter of time before someone takes all of those items and combines them into a casserole just for Internet pleasing purposes. Mark my words.

Amazon Tries to Seduce You With Fish Taco Seasoning and Cream of Mushroom Soup [Re/code]

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