Hey Teach, Classroom Low on Supplies? Take Out a Personal Loan!

The classroom supply closet is nearly empty and so are your pockets. Well, if you’re a K-12 school teacher, don’t worry, your credit union has your back — in the shape of a personal loan.

That’s right, credit unions across the country are targeting teachers with classroom supply loans, Mother Jones reports.

In a time where school budgets are tight, more teachers are taking on the burden of paying for classroom supplies. Mother Jones estimates teachers already spend $1.6 billion out-of-pocket for school supplies.

In what supposedly lessens the burden, credit unions are now offering low-interest, short-term loans for teachers.

The loans start as low as 0.0% APR and go up from there. Most have limited the terms to 12 months and up to $1,000.

And the credit unions aren’t holding back any punches when it comes to appealing to teachers’ need to provide for students.

“We pick up where the school district leaves off,” The Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union says on their website. “We offer a one-year loan up to $1,000 that we hope will help teachers afford the task of creating a teaching environment that meets their exceptional standards.”

They’re not the only ones touting these type of personal loans. Nerd Scholar published a list of credit unions and their loan terms.

There will always be a need for erasers, pencils and other school supplies, but is taking out a personal loan really necessary? We want to know what you think:

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