Target’s Stupid Shipping Gang Subjects Tweezers To Extreme Solitude In Mostly Empty Box

Mean ol' Stupid Shipping Gang.

Mean ol’ Stupid Shipping Gang.

It’s a cruel, cold world out there. If you’re a lucky pair of tweezers, you don’t have to go through that alone. If you’re unlucky enough to be sent away to your new home by Target’s Stupid Shipping Gang, you’re Consumerist reader Nix’s sad, lonely tweezers.

She sent in the evidence of this bereft personal care item, adding that the only other thing in the box were a few lousy plastic air pouches. And if you’ve ever had to hang out in a box with air pouches, you know they make for awful conversation.

“The other items (three pairs of sweater tights and a pair of rubber rain boots) were sent in one of those plastic mailer bags through UPS,” explains Nix. “This came by itself. In a giant box. All alone. Poor sad tweezers.”

We hope you tell those tweezers every day that what they went through meant something, and that they’ll never be alone again. Never.

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