Behold, The Hot Burrito Vending Machine Is Here

OCQTZ8XNHave you ever wanted to buy a gas-station burrito, but without the separate steps of interacting with the cashier and placing the burrito in the microwave yourself? Good news! Burritobox is the burrito vending machine of your dreams.

It’s not quite as fresh and exciting as the French fry vending machine in Belgium that fries up your frites to order. There’s no burrito-wrapping robot in there making fresh custom meals for you. Instead, there are frozen burritos (including Evol brand) made with hormone-free meat and cheese and cage-free eggs. The machine heats the burrito up for you in 60 seconds, keeping your attention span from wandering by playing a song or an advertisement on its touchscreen.

Want to try it? The one and only BurritoBox now operating is in Los Angeles. A second one will open in LA next week, which is unhelpful for Burrito lovers in other cities. We just like to keep you posted on advances in vending machine technology.

A Los Angeles Times reporter paid a visit to the lucky Mobil station, which doesn’t own the machine. Her verdict? The breakfast burrito she tried “needed hot sauce,” which the machine conveniently sells as an add-on for sixty-five cents.

Burrito Box [Official Site] (via Foodbeast)

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