Walmart Rollbacks: Rolling Forward, Standing Still

What is a “rollback?” Walmart shoppers know that it’s when an item has decreased in price recently, and it’s something that the chain brags about on signs throughout the store. They even brag about rollbacks when prices stay the same…or go up.

It’s that, or maybe someone made a mistake on these signs. You can’t blame us for being confused, though.

Kaleb noticed this strange display in the freezer case where the inexpensive frozen dinners hang out. “You’ll notice that the rollback price is 2 for $2.00…you’ll also notice that some of the little microwave dinners don’t have the “rollback” tag on them…and are priced at $1.00 each,” he writes. Yes, everything in that case, even the “rollback” items, normally cost a dollar. The only change is that Walmart apparently wants us to buy twice as many.

Kaleb also noticed that there’s no former price printed under “WAS:” on those little shelf tags. “Almost like the little printer that spits those things out just didn’t have the heart to go through with it anymore…” he mused.

Meanwhile, at Brian’s local Walmart, they’re rolling peanut butter forward.


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