Amazon’s Stupid Shipping Gang Has Really Outdone Itself With This One

UPDATE: Sigh, the mystery has already been solved and has thus been rendered unmysterious. But we’ll make you scroll through our original musings first, of course.

First of all, I suppose it’s not really fair to call this a case of Amazon’s Stupid Shipping Gang. It’s just that in the case of a ginormous Amazon-branded box sitting on a semi-truck flatbed, we can’t tell if it’s a poor packing job of say, a package of AA batteries, or if there’s really something in there that necessitates such a big ol’ box. So either it’s really, really stupid or really, really awesome.

The above photo is making the rounds on the Internet including on Reddit, where the poster says his neighbor just got something really big.

While we know that the heaviest item you can get delivered with free shipping is 1,509-pound gun safe, that’s not necessarily the largest thing. And heck, maybe someone actually paid to have this behemoth shipped.

We here at Consumerist just looove a good mystery, so we couldn’t help but guess what could be in that box. The entire population of Luxembourg, perhaps? An ant farm version of New York City built to scale?


Chris Morran: A gift card.

Kate Cox: A micro SD card (also a common guess from our tipsters)

Laura Northrup: One four-inch bubble envelope.

Ashlee Kieler (newest Consumerist staffer, yay!): It looks cold wherever this was taken, so…warm air?

Meg Marco: I have no idea but I hope it’s 6,000 bags of cat litter.

MBQ: Jack (and he is in dire need of air holes).

Honorary Consumerist member Jerry Seinfeld: “This is almost as fake as the Amazon Drone delivery system.”

SO. It turns out there’s a car in there (honk shoo, honk shoo, so boring I’m snoring): According to reader Scott, who says you might be able to see him on the other side of the box (leaning, perhaps) it’s a… car. A URL on the box aimed at Nissan’s Versa, to be specific. Autoweek confirms this, adds reader Chris.

Scott adds that the picture was snapped in Madison, Wisc. and overheard some talk in the coffee shop nearby that a film crew was filming a commercial in the area. It’s allll coming together now.

Advertising ploy? Sure, but it’s clever and it worked.

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